Designer Trade



Welcome to our designer trade program, where we aim to establish a lasting partnership with designers and builders by offering our products at reasonable prices and with a hassle-free process.

While you focus on your area of expertise, we strive to create products that enhance the uniqueness of your projects. Whether you're an interior designer, home stager, architect, builder, or business owner, this program caters to all.

Upon approval of your application by our team, you'll gain access to all of our products at a discounted price. We'll provide you with a personalized code to use for ordering on our website at any time.

To apply, simply complete the straightforward application form using the link above and send it to our email at

Frequently-Asked Questions about Our Designer Trade Program

What are the benefits of applying for a trade program?

A designer trade program is a special membership program designed for interior designers, decorators, architects, landscape designers, contractors, business owners and professional stagers. This program allows them to purchase our products of cabinet hardware and home accessories at a reduced price and tax exemption.

The trade program requires proof of business entity before approval. Design Max is one such brand that offers a trade program with a 10% discount on full-priced items available on our website to designers, without any minimum purchase requirement.

Does Design Max offer a designer discount?

Yes. The designer discount offered at Design Max is 10% off all full-price items from our collections of cabinet hardware, door hardware, and home accessories.

How do I apply for the Design Max designer trade program?

You click on the picture above and download the application. You will need to provide a copy of your business license / resale certificate, name of the representative of your company, registered company name, company address, website, and contact number. Once you fill out all required information, you submit your application to our email at

Our team will check and notify if your application is approved within 2-3 business days. 

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No.  There is no minimum purchase quantity to apply the Design Max trade discount.

Are my purchases with the trade discount eligible for tax-exemption?

Yes. Members of our designer trade program who have been approved will have the privilege of placing tax-exempt orders without the need to email our Customer Support team for tax reimbursement following their purchase.

How do tax-exempt purchases work?

After logging in to your trading account and applying your discount code, taxes will be deducted from your total amount during checkout.

If I have any questions, what is the best way to contact for helps?

Please email us at

Our team will be more than happy to get in touch and assist you further.