Tips for selecting cabinet knobs and pulls

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There are numerous decisions that go into the design of your home. The list of items to consider includes wall paint, floor finish, furniture, and appliances. Cabinets play an important role in the overall appearance of your home. Aside from the materials, size, door kinds, and designs, you must also consider cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware is one of those minor features that most homeowners overlook. However, these minor elements can have a significant impact on your space.

Whether you're building a new bathroom, remodeling your kitchen, or simply replacing outdated hardware, these tips can help you select the correct cabinet hardware for your space.

Cabinet hardware types

Selecting the type of cabinet hardware you want is the first step. Generally speaking, you have three choices: all knobs, all pulls, or a combination of both. When making a choice, there are no fixed guidelines to follow. The main factors are your tastes and the appearance you want to achieve. Because knobs have narrower profiles than pulls do, your cabinets will appear lighter visually. This is particularly true with straightforward round knobs. Knobs are an excellent choice if you want your hardware to serve as a more subdued accent. However, cabinet pulls are larger than knobs. This can have a bigger impact and say more about your entire design.

Pulls may be what you need for your cabinets if you want something more striking. The two may also be combined. Use of knobs for doors and drawer pulls is a typical choice. Pulls should be used on large or pull-out doors, like those for pantries.

Coordinate with your cabinets

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The next step is to select a style to go with your cabinetry after you've decided on the type of cabinet hardware you want. There are many different designs of knobs and pulls to pick from. Check the cabinets. Is it more modern to have flat panels or a squared-off appearance? Modern cabinetry typically pairs well with simpler pulls and knobs with slimmer shapes. What happens if your cabinets have doors with raised panels, beaded profiles, or more elaborate designs? Choose knobs and pulls with curved profiles, ridges, or complex detailing if you want them to complement these designs.

Feel free to mix metals

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You must coordinate with the other metals, materials, and finishes in the room in addition to your cabinets. These could be things like kitchenware, faucets, wall paint, and other home accents. It's not necessary for your cabinet hardware to be made of the same material as your bathroom fixtures just because they are brushed nickel. Although, that is certainly a safe bet. Other finishes are available, including black matte, aluminum, and antique pewter.

It's crucial that it enhances the overall aesthetic. To establish a harmonious color palette, look around your space and take inspiration from there. When done well, combining materials and finishes may offer the design more individuality and layers of intrigue.

Consider comfort and easy use

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You'll be using cabinets on a daily basis. A small and sleek knob may seem nice, yet it may be difficult to grab. Make sure there's enough room for your fingers to wrap around the drawer pull if you have large hands.

Examine the cost

Every style of knob and pull is offered in a wide range of prices. Some budget-friendly brands might not last as long, look shoddy, or have finishes that flake. Knobs are typically the most affordable type among the several sorts. Because there is more material, pulls are more expensive. The cost of hardware can rapidly increase as you add additional cabinets, with midrange options costing between $6 and $12 per piece. To fit your budget, quality and cost must be carefully balanced.

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