Home decor tips for Fall trends

Fall home decor
(Ref. by Me & Mr. Jones)

While many people dislike trends because of their ephemerality, timeless fall trends offer a new way to arrange your home for the cooler months.

As interior design trends evolve to fulfill the demands we place on our homes, this year's fall decor ideas and design trends are geared toward providing a pleasant, warm house for friends and family to gather and relax together after challenging few years.

Here are a few of the most popular material trends we're embracing this season.

Stripes & Plaids

throw pillows and blankets in Fall
(Ref. by The Lily Pad Cottage)

For a bright and fresh look, incorporate stripes and plaids into your seasonal fall decor! You can infuse your own personality into a space by layering and plaiding in new ways, creating in a unique personal style.

Glass Details

vintage bottles decor
(Ref. by LeCultivateur)

Glass decor provides a level of simplicity to vignettes that we adore. It's a cute combination of closed and open storage that adds another level of styling while keeping things confined and organized. Glass is making a comeback, whether it is created with simple, smooth lines or creative ribbed embellishments.

Fall Travertine 

farmhouse kitchen decor
(Ref. by hollstromhome)

Travertine, known for its marble-like patterning and warm earth tones, features swirls of warm, creamy hues that are unique to each piece. Its unique textures, hues, and polish make it a distinctive stone that will provide aesthetic variety to your décor.

A travertine dining table is a fashionable statement that will make every meal feel special, but a vintage coffee table or nightstand adds warmth and visual appeal with its distinct texture.

 The Deep & Rich Color Palette 

Fall palette for home decor
(Ref. by Baylee Snead Designs)

Palette is one of the best methods to add warmth to your space. In many ways, it sets the tone for the area and serves as the foundation for the layers and nuances that provide depth to your space.

Some of the most popular colors for fall this year include deep or earthy greens in olive or mossy shades; warm-toned browns, tans, and caramels; and warm neutrals such as beiges and off-whites to soften the space.

Bolder colors like berry tones, as well as mustard yellows for a more grounded aesthetic, are also trendy for fall this year.